Shadow Frost by Coco Ma

I received an advanced reader copy of Shadow Frost by Coco Ma, from NetGalley. In exchange for an honest review. First of all, can we please appreciate the cover art. It is absolutely beautiful, designed by Kathryn English. I love pretty much everything about it

The book itself is also wonderful. I was in awe of the author, when I found out how young she is, the writing style is what I would expect from an already accomplished writer. This is a fantastic debut by Coco Ma. Well done to her.

I really enjoyed that the book is written in varying perspectives. I found I liked reading from the majority of the characters perspectives, each with their own backstory, which added fantastic depth to the overall story. The storyline itself had twists and turns that I really wasn’t expecting, I found that to be very refreshing, as I have found some books in the same genre, predictable. If you enjoy stories with magic, you’ll love this as there is magic and intrigue throughout. I particularly enjoyed the whole tier of powers that characters could wield. Some could tap into one power only, whereas others could wield multiple powers. A very interesting concept.

Now we all know, I do love a good romance. Yes I do!! I love them and this story has a simmering romance, that kept me reading, wanting to find out more and if the romance develops into anything serious. I won’t ruin it for you guys, you can read to find out. This book overall was fantastic. I would recommend to anyone that loves Fantasy, YA Fantasy and Magical books.

Title: Shadow Frost

Author: Coco Ma

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing