Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko

“The only thing more powerful than a wish is a purpose.”

Tarisai, a young girl, is brought up in a world where she rarely sees her mother. Being taught by tutors and her mothers household staff. No one will allow her to touch them, due to her power to see all of their memories with one touch. People are afraid she will take their memories. This makes Tarisai a lonely girl, craving her mother when she does come to see her. Tarisai is sent to the Capital to compete to become one of the council members of the Prince. Council members are brought together through what is known as the Ray, making them inseparable, which is something Tarisai desires. Unknown to Tarisai, until it’s too late, her mother has cursed her with magic, forcing her to kill the prince once she falls in love with him.

Raybearer is a really imaginative creative read, it keeps you guessing throughout the whole book. When you think you know what will happen next, bam, it’s all change. I could not anticipate what was going to happen and when. I throughly enjoyed this book and really enjoyed Ifueko’s writing style, overall a wonderful debut. Out on the 18th of August. Thank you Bonnier Books for the #gifted copy. 

Four stars for sure!

Title: Raybearer

Author:Jordan Ifueko

Publisher: Bonnier Books