As Far As You’ll Take Me by Phil Stamper

Marty a 17-year-old from Kentucky, US. Has made a plan. He’s moving to London, permanently. Although his parents don’t know that yet. A year previously, Marty came out to his religious family, and he didn’t feel accepted. He’s worried he’ll never be able to be himself in his small town. So, moving to London, staying with his cousin and finding a career in music is his plan. Everything goes out the window when Pierce, his cousin’s friend picks him up from the airport. He’s everything Marty isn’t, confident, a little arrogant and sexy as hell, and very enticing. Will Marty be able to keep his head in the game, or will everything crumble around him? Go and read the book to find out.

This book was a joy to read, I basically inhaled it within a 24-hour period. Phil is really good at writing books that make people want to know more, to see where the story will lead. I like that it is raw and imperfect. Highlighting, that although life can be tough, really tough sometimes, there is always light at the end. We can get through anything.

It is a beautiful coming-of-age novel, that isn’t a standard boy meets boy and everything is perfect, kind of a story. It’s messy, complicated and I’m sure to a lot of people, totally relatable. It focuses on what can happen when you come out and you don’t get the response you may hope for, it explores friendships and ultimately coming out the other side, after being lost. I really enjoyed reading from Marty’s perspective, his personal growth was really wonderful to witness. I think anyone who enjoys YA contemporary or LGBTQA+ novels will love this one.

TW. Homophobia, abusive/toxic friendships and eating disorders.

Title: As Far As You’ll Take Me

Author: Phil Stamper

Publisher: Bloomsbury YA

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