Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

I would describe Black Sun as an adult epic fantasy, a really unique one at that. This book didn’t shy away from anything and I praise it for that alone. The synopsis really grabbed my attention, and it didn’t mislead or oversell the book in any way, which can happen when the synopsis is so good. Roanhorse has created a fantastic new fantasy series for everyone to sink their teeth into.

A short sum up from me, this book takes you on an adventure across a treacherous sea, to lands far far away and really transports you to a whole new world of horrors and wonders.

It is told from varying perspectives, which I really adored. The characters are all interesting, I never preferred reading one over the other. They made the book for me. Firstly, there is a badass mermaid sea captain called Xiala, who can drink any man under the table and win all of his money at the same time. An intelligent young man called Serapio, blinded and scarred as a child, trained relentlessly to be Odo Sedoh, a god. He is seen as the destiny of the Carrion Crow clan. Then there is the Sun Priest, Naranpa, who grew up in the Maw where the sun hardly touches the ground, and food scarce, she fought tooth and nail to get to where she is, to gain the respect from the Sky Made and doesn’t want to lose her position to anyone.

This book has honestly got it all. There are different religions, LGBTQ+ rep, mermaids, magic and revenge. It truly is a masterpiece; I would totally recommend it to my fantasy-loving friends.

Title: Black Sun

Author: Rebecca Roanhorse

Publisher: Solaris

Rating: Four 1/2 stars

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