Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell

Winter’s Orbit has been on my radar for a while now and made it to the top of my most anticipated books of the year, due to its fantastic synopsis. It has been compared to the likes of Gideon the Ninth and The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, which is pretty epic in itself.

The book is all about political intrigue and the forming of alliances to prevent an interplanetary war. Jainan, an intelligent and sensitive individual who has a love for deep space engineering, suddenly finds himself a widow, after his husband Prince Taam is killed in a flybug incident. To keep the peace, he must marry again. His late husband’s cousin, Prince Kiem has been chosen by the Emperor, for the job. Kiem is a social butterfly and seen as a disreputable aristocrat, however, Kiem is determined to change that view of him. Overtime, Jainan and Kiem become suspicious that Taam’s death may have not been an accident and face huge obstacles to find out what really happened, and they have to do it fast as Jainan is identified as a potential suspect.

I would probably class it as a slow burn Sci-Fi Romance, and the romance itself is absolutely beautiful. I think Kiem and Jainan are officially my new favourite bookish couple. I ADORE them.

This book gets FIVE stars from me, I would recommend to anyone!

Title: Winter’s Orbit

Author: Everina Maxwell

Publisher: Orbit

Genre: Soft Sci Fi