Dream Country by Ashaye Brown

“A sibling rivalry to fuel your worst nightmares…”

The synopsis for this book really hit the spot for me, the concept of triplet gods of Sleep, Dreams and Nightmares massively appealed to me. I have to say that this debut is a resounding success for me. Ashaye has written something special and unique, as a reader I felt I was reading something truly new… a story that hasn’t been told before. It is steeped in mythology, culture and a richness that excited me.

The story itself follows sibling gods Theo, Fanta and Torres, who were spilt up since they were six years old when their mother, the All- Mother was murdered. Separated by the deadly gates of Horn and Ivory to live in their separate realms; Zion, Dream Country and Os Pesadelos. Each have been accused of killing their own mother, and each desiring the truth of what happened that fateful day. Over the years bitterness has crept in, suspecting each other of the murder. When the gates between realms start to crumble, bringing chaos and destruction can the siblings help each other, or will they never be able to reforge the trust they have lost? You’ll have to read to find out.

I would recommend this gorgeous book to anyone who enjoys mythical, lore inspired novels. It is lyrical and beautifully presented. It took me a little while to get use to the world, but once I was, I powered through effortlessly.

Title: Dream Country

Author: Ashaye Brown

Publisher: ONWE

Rating: 4 stars