Hold My Place by Cassondra Windwalker

“Some love won’t let go.”


“When librarian Sigrun falls head-over-heels for the sophisticated and very married Edgar Leyward, she never expects to find herself in his bed–or his heart. Nevertheless, when his enigmatic wife Octavia dies from a sudden illness, Sigrun finds herself caught up in a whirlwind romance worthy of the most lurid novels on her bookshelves.

Sigrun soon discovers Octavia wasn’t Edgar’s first lost love, or even his second. Three women Edgar has loved met early deaths. As she delves into her beloved’s past through a trove of discovered letters, the edges of Sigrun identity begin to disappear, fading into the women of the past. Sigrun tells herself it’s impossible for any dark magic to be at play–that the dead can’t possibly inhabit the bodies of the living–but something shadowy stalks the halls of the Leyward house and the lines between the love of the present and the obsessions of the past become increasingly blurred–and bloody.”

My Thoughts

Hold My Place is a horror/thriller novella that will make your mind race with possibilities. It follows Sigrun, a lady in her early thirties who works at her local library, as the head librarian (every book worms dream). She meets the incredibly handsome Edgar and cannot believe her luck when he reciprocates her feelings. That is until she finds out he is married, to a beautiful woman called Octavia. However, tragedy strikes and Octavia dies from a deadly virus that is plaguing the world. Although tragic, Sigrun can finally have Edgar. The love of her life. She finds out that all three of Edgar’s lovers have died, and that he has a collection of letters and items from each woman. Sigrun soon become consumed with finding out everything about the women Edgar has loved, most of her waking thoughts are about the women and the man that possesses her completely. However, a niggling feeling keeps cropping up at the back of her mind, making her suspicious. But why?

This book is all about obsession, possession and life after death. A fast paced read that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. The end is where all the horror is at, it felt more of a thriller until those last few pages. Perfect for a spooky Valentines and for fans of Daphne DuMaurier. Please note the triggers for this book which include a deadly virus.

Title: Hold My Place

Publisher: Black Spot Books

Rating: 4 stars