Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mexican Gothic is a hauntingly good historical gothic tale, if you’re a fan of YA horror/thrillers then I would recommend this book to you. I have to admit I’m not usually a fan of dark fiction, but I have to say I really enjoyed this book and will be reading more of this genre in the future. The author is obviously extremely talented, she has managed to write a mystery novel that will keep you gripped the whole way through.

The plot follows Noemí a socialite from Mexico, who is used to partying and living the high life. After receiving a disturbing letter from her cousin Catalina, the family are worried about her welfare. Noemí is asked to visit Catalina by her father, to check on her mental wellbeing. She agrees, then travels to a remote village, that is historically known for mining and a strange illness that took the lives of many of the miners in the area. Once she arrives at High Place, a creepy mansion where Catalina lives with her new husband and the Doyle family, Noemí is immediately on alert. Strange house rules are enforced, which she finds infuriating and difficult to abide by. During her stay at High Place, she is resolute to find out what is happening to her cousin, the more she learns the more frightening and weirder it gets.

I really enjoyed the characters, Noemí is the protagonist we have all been waiting for, a tenacious woman who won’t back down when cowed. I also loved the unravelling of the history surrounding the gothic mansion and its strange inhabitants. The more you learn about the mansion, the more questions you’ll want answering. A chilling read that will stay with you for a time.

Please go and read this if you love plot-driven stories with intrigue and creepiness in spades. This book is a four star read! Out today, 30th June 2020. Go and get your copy now.

Title: Mexican Gothic

Author: Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Publisher: Quercus