A Throne of Swans by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

This was a book I kept seeing on Instagram. Book Tours and promotions really worked for it; I couldn’t wait to read it.

A Throne of Swans is the first book in a duology, the second installment A Crown of Talons is due in 2021.

Ok, let’s get started on the review shall we. A Throne of Swans is a book that you can get swept up in. I found it to be such a wonderfully fast paced book, that captures the audience immediately. The story itself felt reminiscent of the Swan Lake, which added a fairy tale feel. It is marketed at the YA fantasy audience, but I feel it could be enjoyed by so many.

The story itself follows Aderyn, a newly appointed Protector of her Dominion in the Kingdom. She is from a line of swan ancestors. Each noble family can transform into a bird, with each bird classification unique to the family. The royal family is of swan blood, as the title suggests. Also, Aderyn is third in line to the throne, after the current king and her cousin Odette. Aderyn, however, she is unable to shift, after she is injured and witnesses her mother’s murder in a horrendous attack. Being unable to shift is not something she wants people knowing, as it could end with her losing her Dominion or her life, it’s very serious.

The non-noble families are known as Flightless, as they can’t transform into birds. Many Dominions treat the Flightless poorly. This does not sit well with Aderyn, she feels that many changes are required in the Kingdom.

Aderyn, makes the decision to go to the Citadel to find out who murdered her mother, and why. She is so hell bent on finding clues and details, she ends up making decisions and friends with some unsavoury characters, which risks her Dominion and herself as Protector. She must learn who she can trust, her friends? Family?

This book was full of surprises. I did not expect the plot twists that occurred, which really made me happy. I love unexpected plot twists. For all you budding romantics, there is a beautifully crafted love story involved between two of the characters, which sated my romantic side nicely.

This was a buddy read with the lovely Booktiamo. We originally said we would read 3 chapters a day, that soon changed, we had both read the book within three days. I have to say I could have devoured the book in a day.

This book deserves a 4 1/2 star rating, I will be reading Katharine and Elizabeth Corr’s other books in the near future.

Title: A Throne of Swans

Author: Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

Publisher: Hot Key Books

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